Taylor Swift "22" covered by Dolphins, Saints cheerleaders

The NFL offseason is heading into its darkest days. That lonely period when
minicamps end and we're forced to contemplate the greater things in life while
we await the start of training camp, the preseason and finally -- regular season
football. Thankfully, the NFL cheerleaders are here to help. Both the Miami
Dolphins cheerleaders and the New Orleans Saints cheerleaders (the
"Saintsations") recorded covers of Taylor Swift's hit song "22" while on the set
of their 2013 calendar shoots. The assignment fell maillot de football pas
on my desk to cover this topic, so I decided to go to the tape
and breakdown each video. Please 2014
Chile MailloT De Football Exterieur
send your sympathies to
@AlexGelhar. This was a really tough assignment. Before reading on, it'd be best
if you familiarized yourself with both videos first: Miami Dolphins cheerleaders
cover "22 New Orleans Saints cheerleaders cover "22 After watching both videos,
I'll use three categories to break down and rate the videos before ultimately
crowning a winner: Creativity, the Silhouette shot and Organization. Now, let's
break down some tape.
The Dolphins team made good use of the lush locations from their calendar shoot
and added nice enhancements in post-production, like the sequence where they
used rhythmic editing with split-screen shots synched to the bass beat in the
song. A maillot de football
nice touch. However, they didn't push their girls or put
them in too many unique set-ups. The pool dive was interesting, but it would
have been great to see more of that style and flare. For the Saints, they did a
great job of getting their girls outside the normal confines of "cheerleading,"
by having them riding a four-wheeler, holding crabs, sitting in a truck and
dancing on an air boat, among other things. Their video lacked the polish in
post-production of the Dolphins, but it appeared their girls were having more
fun with their interesting sets and props. Advantage: Saintsations
The Silhouette shot
Since both videos decided to include a silhouetted shot of a cheerleader, I
figured it's only fair to judge them head-to-head. The Dolphins video features
their cheerleader jumping in front of the sun with pom poms, which have a nice
effect reflecting the sunlight. The Saints opted to shoot their silhouette shot
with the sun setting, giving it a darker look with cool colors as opposed to the
warmth of the direct sunlight. Personally, I found the camera angle and
composition of the Saints' shot far more engaging. Seeing the horizon, setting
sun and night sky all in the background showed added thought and preparation for
the shoot, which, being a videophile, I appreciated. Advantage: Saintssations
As NFL cheerleaders, these girls are among the best at creating and performing
routines in unison. This category grades the organization the teams used in
their videos. The Dolphins video was sorely lacking in terms of any sort of
organization or dance numbers from the girls. Disappointing, considering they
are cheerleaders. They had one solid tracking (or steadicam) shot of all of the
girls on the beach with their bikini bottoms adding up to "22" that would have
made Martin Scorsese proud. Meanwhile, the Saints had the crescendo of the song
and their video represented with all of the girls together on the steps of a
classic Louisiana home. It wasn't extravagant, but it was great to see all the
girls together at the end of the video dancing together since, you know, that's
what they do for a living. Even though there wasn't much to the Saintsations
final number, I still have to give them the nod for actually getting all of the
girls together in one shot for the video. Advantage: Saintsations
Final Verdict
In what turned out to be a landslide victory, the Saintsations win the inaugural
cheerleader cover battle for their take on Swift's "22." In addition to the
categories I examined above, the Saintsations did a better job of trying to tell
the story of the song in their video as well, with shots of the girls actually
getting ready, eating "breakfast at midnight," and so on. The Dolphins
cheerleaders gave an admirable effort in some beautiful locations, but the extra
creativity and thought put into the Saintsations video ultimately tipped the
scales in their favor. For more on cheerleaders, music video reviews, and actual
football-related content and insight, hit Alex up on Twitter @AlexGelhar.
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