Serie A toughens stance on racism

Following several recent incidents of racism in Italy's top flight, the FIGC
have attempted to clamp down on the problem by handing out harsher penalties The
Italian FA (FIGC) has announced new measures to cope with racism in Serie A,
including an automatic 10-match suspension in line with recent sanctions
announced by Uefa.Several recent incidents have blighted the game, including
chants by Roma fans during a recent league match against Napoli and similar
offences by Lazio supporters during their Europa League campaign that ultimately
led to the club playing their home quarter-final fixture against Borussia
Monchengladbach behind closed doors.In an effort to eradicate such replica
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problems, the FIGC have
announced plans to toughen their stance on the matter.“Anyone who insults the
human dignity of a person or group of persons, including reasons tied to the
colour of skin, race, replica
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religion or ethnic origin,
will receive a ban of at least 10 games or any other sanction considered
appropriate,” the organisation promised in a statement.Punishments will range
from fines to stadium closure to forfeiting matches, should the referee deem it
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necessary to take players from the
playing field.Meanwhile on Wednesday, six Pro Patria supporters who racially
abused AC Milan midfielder Kevin-Prince Boateng back in a friendly match in
January, were given prison sentences ranging from 40 2014
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days to two months.

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