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Ever since live betting became popular, many people have discovered that placing a live bet is not exactly the same as placing a non-live bet. The reason for this dissimilarity does not lie so much in the difference between live betting and normal betting. After all, a bet is a bet, no matter when or how it is placed. The significant differences take place in the bettor’s state of mind when he or she is engaged in live betting. 
Humans tend to think and behave in the following three ways: The intellectual or rational way, the emotional or impulsive way and the instinctual or intuitive way. All three ways are the result of evolution and have served humanity well, depending on the various circumstances. 
When someone places a casual non-live bet, they usually have plenty of time to think about it, make the proper choice without the pressure of limited time. It's more or less an intellectual process where the rational way of weighing things and choosing is engaged. This has some exceptions as there are cases when a bet is placed as an emotional response to a prior lost or won bet, or the player has an inspiration or intuition which he wants to follow. However, these kinds of bets are not the norm.
During live betting  a whole different set of brain processes take place. Time pressure to make the right choice, evaluate options and take advantage of the live bet  odds before these offers are frozen or altered tends to increase adrenaline levels in the bettor’s body. This overall pressure and stress also stimulates different brain centers that are more related to impulse and instinct, rather than sheer cold logic. Many people who are familiar with live betting might be acutely aware of these differences which, in a way, make them operate in an entirely different way. 
For most people, operating with a cool head and plenty of time is a must for producing optimum choices. For others, operating under stress with instinct or impulse proves to be more effective. These types of people thrive under pressure and thus live betting comes natural to them. 
Knowing how you operate best is a must if you are to maximize your results in live betting. For example if you are influenced by an emotional impulse to regain some losses from a prior live bet, the very understanding that you are acting on impulse can have profound effects on the rationalization of the process. This can involve more of your intellect during the next live betting decision, which can increase your chances of success.

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