Clemson or Oklahoma State for WR Ryan Jenkins

Clemson or Oklahoma State for WR Ryan Jenkins


One of Georgia's top wide receivers is scheduled to make his college decision on Sunday night.


Ryan Jenkins will pick between Clemson and Oklahoma State, and the Tigers are considered the favorite because his older brother already plays there.


The speedy wide receiver is participating in The Opening, the allstar camp at Oregon's Nike Headquarters which features around 150 of the nation's top college prospects. Sunday.


The 5foot10, 180pound Jenkins transferred to Lassiter High School from Milton for his senior year.


Some other notes from The Opening:


Reuben Foster, who injured his hamstring while running the 40yard dash on Friday, left The Opening on Saturday but not for home. The 5star linebacker left to take an unofficial visit to Washington, according to Scout. Before leaving, Foster said he was "100percent committed" to Alabama after flirting a little with UGA and Auburn.


Carl Lawson, the 5star defensive end from Milton High School, left The Opening on Saturday. No official reason was given.


will nkimdeche and foster be more like the likes of:


jimmy clausen, bryce brown, derrick morris or robert marve profile recruits who took every advantage of the spotlight and desperate coaches


eric berry, aj green, patrick peterson profile recruits who Ryan Mathews Youth Jersey decided early, never waivered and never strung along any other coaches or fan bases


what do the 7 have in common??? top 5 recruits coming out of hs.


what do the latter 3 have in common??? all three top 5 picks into the nfl and later probowlers early into their careers. Jealousy gets you nowhere. Be happy. UGA has a lot of outstanding RBs, but will each of them become an academic casualty or multiple arrests. I can not remember the last time they have beat USC. Although they should have every year. These comments are coming from a school who quit playing Clemson because they needed to have a chance to win against a lesser opponent in the early part of a season; after the losses to Clemson every other year. I have heard that UGA is attempting to get out of their contract to play Clemson in 2013. I do not blame them. Losses to USC and Clemson would potentially kill their seasons each year. I hope UGA plays CU at least one Ryan Mathews Jersey White time before removing them again. But with 2 new teams in the SEC, they will be begging out again before 2013 game.


Oh my, when Adams goes to CU; UGA, Bama, LSU will be claiming foul/something is wrong. All the schools will have outstanding programs. A has just as much of Women's Ryan Mathews Jersey a chance to be AA and 1st round pick as the 5star, number 1 recruit. Alabama is a perfect example of that end up AA and high draft choices. Judge how good these players are after their first two years, several will be forgotten about.

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