Celebrations 'update' original march

Celebrations Mitchell And Ness Dennis Byrd Jersey 'update' original march

. congresswoman thanks so much. looking out today first of all your emotions
and memories?well, i'm sitting looking up. 50 years ago i was on staff so i was
looking downtown crowd. i think looking downtown crowd was far more
extraordinary because it was the largest Dennis Byrd Jersey crowd of any kind that had ever come tofor
a single cause and i'm sure it was the largest crowd of

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people who had come together to come tofor a single cause. today i'm sitting
up there with members of congress. i can look up at the speakers. but it seems
to me to be worthy on call when you consider the marchers are trying to do
something that is, can not be redone. it can't be redone. you closed down the
office up in harlem and flew in that day and flying overwas your first
understanding that it really had worked, that all the organization of buses and
trains and cars coming tohad actually worked and that there was going to be this
mass of people to be a symbolic message to the rest Dennis Byrd Throwback Jersey of the country. i thought that
might be overblown. but when somebody said somebody has to stay in the office
all night somebody will come and say can you get me on a because or a train to.
i knew i could see at various sites whether people were coming. and take away
some of my anxiety. i will tell you it truly did. i didn't see them all in one
spot but i did see clumps of people that made me think somebody is coming to
this march. of course, i made my way to the, to the, so i didn't march with the
marchers, i saw them coming in. looked like they would never stop coming in.
and, in fact, as i stood there looking out i remember thinking, well where does
it end? i could not see remember you can see from the memorial all the way to

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