Cardinals' effort is a historic flop

Cardinals' effort is a historic flop


Four wins? During yesterday 580 meltdown at the hands of the streaking Seattle Seahawks, it would be straining the imagination to think of the Cardinals in the context of any wins. The loss was not only the worst in franchise history (which is saying something for a franchise that is over 200 games under .500 alltime and hasn won a championship in Will Smith Jersey 65 years) but the 11thworst in league annals.


The Patriots beat the Titans , 590, three years ago, and the Rams thumped the Falcons by that score in 1976, but other than that, the rest of the list was achieved preWorld War II which speaks to the historic ineptitude of the Cardinals yesterday.


Larry Fitzgerald, Arizona perennial Pro Bowl receiver, had one catch for two yards on 11 targets. Ryan Lindley, who looked so bad against the Jets last week with 72 yards passing on 31 attempts, was forced back into action when John Skelton threw four interceptions on only 22 attempts. And how Will Smith Black Jersey is that Kevin Kolb trade working out?


The Cardinals surrendered two defensive touchdowns in the first half, which only camouflaged the fact that their defense wasn playing all that well either, giving up 24 more points en route to an insurmountable 380 deficit with 30 minutes to play.


Remember how bad the NFC West was two seasons ago? While everyone else in the division got a lot better, the Cards actually found a way to get worse and might be looking up at the other three for some time.


At least in the short run, the prospects appear bleak for Arizona, which, at the moment, might be the league worst team. One year after the Year of the Quarterback in the NFL draft, the Cardinals could not have picked a worse time to be deficient in that area with only Matt Barkley a shooin to go in the first round in 2013.


Defensively, linebacker Darryl Washington is Pro Bowlworthy, and the Cards actually entered yesterday seventh in the league in total defense. But having surrendered almost 500 yards to the Seahawks, that ranking appears fraudulent for a team that hasn cracked the top 10 in that area since 2005.


The solution may be to trade Fitzgerald while he still has some value, find a suitor for the unhappy defensive lineman Darnell Dockett and simply clean house in a league where almost everyone else is in the playoff conversation but the abysmal Cards who hit a new low yesterday.


ODDS AND ENDS: Speaking of fraudulent, the Bears (85) may still make the Will Smith Jersey Ebay playoffs out of the NFC, but it never a good sign when you can beat the Percy Harvinless Vikings in a mustwin game. Over the last five games (in which they have lost four), the Bears have scored only 72 points, so don believe the primary reason for their slide is Brian Urlacher absence . Enough of the Nike Will Smith Jersey negatives. In case you haven noticed lately, the Browns (59) have won three straight, and Brandon Weeden is beginning to settle in nicely at quarterback. Even Cleveland defense is looking good these days, surrendering only 38 points over the last three weeks . Perhaps the positive surprise of the week has to be the effort of the San Diego offensive line, which was missing three starters, but still managed to go 12for22 on thirddown conversions and put up 34 points on the Steelers in what was a mustwin game for Pittsburgh at home . Washington Alfred Morris has rushed for over 100 yards the last three weeks and six times this season . The skill players get all the love, but the Rams (who are very much alive in the NFC playoff hunt at 661) are beginning to become formidable on defense. At the beginning of the season, the secondary was arguably St. Louis greatest defensive strength, but lately firstround defensive tackle Michael Brockers (who had 1.5 sacks yesterday against Buffalo) has stepped up and the Rams are a team no one wants to play right now . Game I can wait to watch next week: Giants at Falcons. Will Atlanta prove it can beat a bigtime team late in the season after yesterday unforgivable noshow against Carolina? . Good to see Rutgers product Kenny Britt (of the Titans), who has had a disappointing season, get back to form (143 receiving yards) in a loss to Indianapolis yesterday.


FANTASY STUD: David Wilson, Giants (327 allpurpose yards in a 5227 win over the Saints): It be fun to see what he does next. Spiller, Bills (seven carries for 37 in a 1512 loss to the Rams): Maybe the league most underutilized player.

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