Brandon Banks to spend third night in hospital

Brandon Banks to spend third night in hospital


Washington Redskins kick/punt returner Brandon Banks remains hospitalized for "precautionary reasons" but expects to be released within 24 hours, his agent said in a statement Monday.


On Sunday, Banks's agent, James Gould, said that he would be released that night. It was unclear why the Redskins return specialist has yet to be released. nightclub that also hospitalized a good friend of Banks.


Gould on Monday issued a statement on behalf of his client and thanked fans for the concern and support they have offered since the altercation.


Redskins senior vice president Tony Wyllie said the Redskins' team doctors have been to see Banks at the hospital and verified his progress. Several teammates have also reached out to him to offer their support.


A damn shame how the Skins players can't seem to create much excitement on the field but have no problem creating excitement getting stabbed in front of nightclubs and sexually assaulting Authentic Alex Smith Jersey women at hotels off the field.


Apparently the culture hasn't changed as much as I had hoped it would. If it had, Shanahan would cut that 330+ lbs of useless blubber NOW. Tonight. Within the hour.


As for Banks, he should spend more time doing something constructive with Alex Smith Youth Jersey his evenings besides the cliched, donetodeath, "I was at a nightclub and a fight broke out" crap.


I'll check back in around May.


We noted this afternoon that Redskins defensive tackle Albert Haynesworth has been accused of sexual assault. Now there are more details about the allegation, which stem from a waitress saying Haynesworth caressed her breast without her consent.


According to a police report obtained by NBC Washington, a waitress at the W Hotel in Washington said she was clearing glasses from a table where Haynesworth was sitting when Haynesworth attempted to pay with his credit card. Because the waitress said her hands were full, Haynesworth asked if he could put the card in the pocket of her blouse.


According to the report, the waitress nodded that Haynesworth could put the card in her pocket, and when he did, he started to caress her breast.


Haynesworth is not named in the report, but NBC Washington confirmed that he is the person referred to as "Subject 1 in the report. Sunday.


"Apparently the culture hasn't changed as much as I had hoped it would. If it had, Shanahan would cut that 330+ lbs of useless blubber NOW. Tonight. Within the hour."


I imagine he's seriously considering it. Surely they hoped Albert would have a reasonably quiet offseason and use the time to get himself in condition so as to attract a sucker, excuse me, trade partner. He doesn't appear to be cooperating. Nobody in management wants to release him outright and take the PR hit. Sunday. Does anyone here think a team like Greenbay, Pittsburgh, New England or Indianapolis are Alex Smith Jersey White salivating, much less considering a 33year old receiver that is still incarcerated? Yet this is the subject of "CoinToss".


Other than Santana, our most productive receiver was a 27year old rookie that came from the Intense Football League.


Not that that's bad, I see that as a hidden gem. The point is Plaxico Burress should not come here. Albert Haynesworth should leave here. We are not the Bengals, we are a 3time Superbowl winning team.


Cut the fat(literally and metaphorically) and keep the gems.


Not to mention Burress was a New York Giant. I want Redskins players to have a sense of hate for division rivals, maybe that will put some pride back in this team.

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