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I read about it in some blogs and thought it could help. For those who don't
know, it's a game where you draw cards from a deck and make a story out of the
elements in the cards you picked. I had a hard time getting the cards out of it
(and putting them back). Next, was that the print on the cards were uneventhere
were cards whose pictures were so close to the edge, a part of the picture was
cut. There were also cards where the title isn't at the center, and the borders
were uneven. Am I the only one with a deck like this (which means grabe ang
malas ko naman), or do a lot of decks have this defect? FYI, when I bought the
deck, it was covered in plastic so I didn't see these things until I opened it
at home.Of course, I'm aware that that's not what's important, but I do wish
they could've been more particular about details like these. But why am I
ranting when what I actually want to share with you is my first ever story
created by playing Talecraft:Genre: Romance (Aren't I just so lucky?
:D)Archetypes: The Christ Figure, The Monstrous Adolescent, The PsychopathThe
two kingdoms of Arcadia and Anthuria have been beside each other since the
beginning of time. No matter how both kingdoms grew, they always extended
outwards, never overlapping each others' borders, never competing against one
another. For this reason, its two kings and queens were the best of friends.
They often called on each other, implemented the same laws, and even shared the
same Wizard to advise them. And so it did not come as a surprise when the two
queens found out that they had both been impregnated by their respective
husbands. When they called on the wizard to ask if their babies would be
healthy, the wizard said;"One queen will bore a son, the other a daughter, and
they will bring about the complete union of the two kingdoms."Both pairs of
rulers were delighted. Such a union would join the two kingdoms, which were
equal in size, and make their offspring ruler of nearly the entire world. And so
they decided that their children would be betrothed.However, 9 months later,
something very unexpected happened. The queen of Arcadia did give birth to a
daughter, and Cyber Monday
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Anthuria a son; but instead of just one, she gave birth to two
sonstwins.As it was UGG Boots
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against the law for a princess to have 2 husbands, they decided
that they would just keep the three of Cyber Monday
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them close to each other, and see who wins the princess'
heart.The princess, Veruscha, of course, grew up to be a beauty. As for the 2
princes, they grew up to become very different people one of them, Verticius,
was very smart, ambitious, and powerful; while the other, Victorius, was a bit
of a weakling, and was always getting sick. However, they did have one thing in
commonthey both loved the princess.They had both taken care of her ever since
they were children, putting her needs before theirs, and she appreciated this
greatly. So great in fact, that when the time came for her to pick a husband,
she could not do so easily. Although Verticius was the obvious choice to become
ruler of all Arcadia and Anthuria, she worried about Victorius, and could not
forget the fact that he had saved her life on many many occassions.She was
thinking of these very things when her mother the queen suddenly walked into her
room, crying. She stood up, alarmed."Your. father." she said, in between gasps.
"He's. dying!""What?!" the princess exclaimed as she went up to the tower to the
king's bedchamber.She was met by several peoplethe king and queen of Anthuria,
their sons, and the family wizard."Only from drinking from the Jewel of Rah will
the king overcome this disease," the wizard had told them."But what is the Jewel
of Rah?" Veruscha asked."It is very rare," the wizard said. "In fact, many
believe that it no longer exists. The last remaining particle was said to be set
in an amulet of a very powerful, but evil witch, residing at the top of the
Mountain of Zar.""I can handle her!" Verticius and Victorius said at the same
time.Everyone looked at them. And then Veruscha spoke up; "Very well. Whoever
can get the amulet to my father first, will be the one I will marry."Verticius
smiled right away. "Then it will surely be me," he said, and wasted no time in
leaving the castle to set out on his journey to the Mountain of Zar.Victorius
heaved a huge sigh, and reluctantly followed his brother outside the
castle.Unbenkownst to them, was that for many years, Victorius had already been
working with the cheap air max
Evil Witch of Zar. It was she who set up traps for Veruscha, in order for
Victorius to save her. It was she who told him to poison the King of Arcadia, so
that his brother would go looking for the amulet. And when Verticius came back
emptyhanded, Victorius will show everyone that he had gotten the amulet, and he
will be the one to marry the princess. And after he gains power over the 2
kingdoms, then the witch, being his master, will gain power over the 2
kingdoms.And so, instead of taking a horse and heading for the Mountain of Zar,
Victorius made his way to a small cottage in the nearby forest, to wait until
his brother returns, a failure. That is, if he returned at all.

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